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Faisal Mumtaz

Faisal Mumtaz is one of the people ViUAE could not manage without! Read the interview with one of the hardest working Project Managers we have that truly understands the word loyalty, and exudes humbleness wherever he goes!

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Where do you originally come from and how long have you been in the UAE?

I am from Pakistan. UAE is my home for almost 10 years now.

What do you do for a living?

I run a property maintenance company and I do real estate leasing as well.

How did you start off with volunteering?

It was a video on Youtube where a laborer was explaining his daily routine and how tough it was for him being thousands of miles away from his home. After watching the video i wanted to volunteer in any possible way to help and connect with the blue collar workers in UAE. That's when i joined Volunteer in UAE.

What is your favourite thing about volunteering?

The feeling of making difference, the feeling of giving back, the feeling of fulfilling the purpose of my life.

Describe your work as a Project Manager. What is it you do, and how do you do it?

I have been given the duties as a manager for multiple projects, all of which I enjoy equally. Due to the fact that by profession I am connected to the property maintenance field, I have been chosen as a manager for our Colour for a Cause project. Where we paint different schools and centres for special needs, so far we have painted 7 schools and one animal rescue centre. My job here is to visit the school/center that needs painting, estimate the work and material volume and prepare a work plan with other VIUAE Team, arrange the material and ensure the delivery of required job on time. For the Pass The Glass project, my job is to research the areas that we need to target most, and calculate the material for the event. One the morning of the event I meet volunteers at the venue, split them into teams and send them into different areas of city where they distribute water at construction sites. Lastly, due to the sudden absence of a volunteer PM, I have recently stepped in to co-manage the Karama Kanteen project with my colleague and friend, Tarek, something im very happy about as its one of my favourite projects of all. This project involves great amount of work prior to the event itself. I go to labour accommodations/camps throughout the city and select the locations which are either abandoned or receive minimum support from their employers.

faisal mumtaz

In what ways is your work as a Project Manager different from (or similar to) what you expected?

Every project and it's manager is unique in their own way. I try to keep a fair fun part involved throughout my event and keep the team motivated without being too strict or bossy.

What do you like to do in your spare time when you aren’t volunteering?

Well there's pretty big list of how i spend my spare time. I love shore fishing, coin collecting, health activities, organizing camping trips, trekking, drawing cartoons and occasional poetry writing.

Can you recall any heart-warming experiences you’ve had as a Project Manager and volunteer?

Every day, each event with Volunteer in UAE brings its own memories but it will always remember how a bunch of amazing volunteers worked until midnight when at one of the Color for a Cause event we were short of man power. At a notice of just one hour they reached and finished the job over night, as the kids of special need center were expected to come back next morning.

What would you say to a future Project Manager?

Do not forget the purpose for which you have started volunteering at first place. It is to help the ones in need. There is no space for ego and pride while your intentions are solely to HELP.

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