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Volunteer Vigils

Volunteer Vigils is a select group of volunteers who have the important and very sensitive job of sitting with patients who are alone in the hospital and caring for them.

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Volunteer Vigils is a new project for 2014 that we are very proud to introduce!

There are many children and adults who are alone in hospitals, for various reasons, and not only require constant care and support but also need the company of someone else to help them get through this difficult time.

Volunteers are handpicked by our Founder, Lola, and only a small select group are chosen given the very sensitive nature of this role. Qualities that are looked for to be part of this group include patience, gentleness, empathy, calmness, highly responsible and committed and most of all respect and sensitivity to the privacy of the patient. 

Given the importance of this role, no absences or exceptions are permitted.

Volunteer in UAE aims to help as many people in the community as possible, and we hope with this project there will be far less people in the hospital alone, because we believe that no one should have to go through it by themselves!

Volunteer Vigils

Volunteer Vigils
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