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Helping Hands

You know the saying “many hands make light work” - well in this case, it's true! Our Helping Hands project supports residential care homes with group manpower who can help with all types of housekeeping, so that in a matter of just hours, their homes can be bright and shiny again! From ironing clothing for special needs children, or cleaning windows, our Helping Hands volunteers make light of some heavy duty work!

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Helping Hands Project

Volunteer in UAE has put together the Helping Hands project to offer assistance to charitable organizations that currently find that the time of their staff time is being tied up in housekeeping, deterring them from their main focus and thus reducing the efficiency of and value brought to the organisation. Thus we offer to help them with these housekeeping chores that can often be a daunting task, thereby saving them a lot of money and allowing them to redirect their resources towards their invaluable causes.

We are launching this project by supporting Senses Residential Care Home which is a centre that currently has more than 45 children and adults with special needs living in their care full-time, all year round.
As you can imagine, with 45 residents, there is a lot to be done and in order to save Senses spending a lot of time and money unnecessarily, Volunteer in UAE will be arranging for teams of volunteers to go in weekly to help out by ironing clothing, making beds and helping prepare lunch or dinner. If you're lucky you might just get to play with the children too!

Please keep an eye on our Event Listings page and Event Calendar for opportunities to help out and sign up via the website!

Helping hands in Karama

Helping hands in Karama
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