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Books for the Blind

Volunteer in UAE aims to support Youth for Seva in India by using volunteer manpower to record audio books and  type books so that they can be converted into Braille.

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Books for the Blind

The visually impaired face numerous challenges in their everyday lives. One of the most frustrating is the unavailability of books suited for them. This can interfere with their education, career growth, or simply deprive them of the pleasure of reading. The "Books for the Blind" project aims to provide books for the visually impaired in a format that they can use. Currently the organization is looking to recieve books in English, Urdu, Hindi and Malayalam. Events under this project fall into two main categories: Audio book recording and Braille book typing.

Audio Book Recording
Audio book recording is done in collaboration with the Youth for Seva (YFS) organization in India. YFS provides books for visually impaired students, as well as compiling an ever-growing database of audio books for both leisure and education.
Audio book recording events work as follows: YFS provides soft copies of the books to be recorded. These soft copies are then distributed over a number of our volunteers, who then record themselves reading their respective sections out loud. Recording is done from the comfort of the volunteer’s home and in their own time, provided they meet a predetermined deadline. However, in order to be eligible to sign up for audio book recording events, a volunteer must once attend the regularly-scheduled training session. Once the volunteer has attended the training session once, he or she becomes eligible for all future recording events (provided the book being recorded is in a language they speak!). Volunteers also need to have a computer with a reasonable-quality microphone, and will need to download and install the free software Audacity (more information is provided in training sessions). 

Braille Book Typing
Braille book typing works as follows. Soft copies of books are provided to us (in JPEG format), and our job is to type them out into a word document so that they can be embossed in Braille. Unlike audio book recording, Braille book typing events require the volunteer to be physically present at a certain venue for the duration of the event, that is, much like any other VIUAE event, Braille book typing takes place at a certain date and location. Volunteers are unable to do the typing in their own homes. However, no training is needed to be eligible for Braille book typing-only that you can type in the language that the book is written in (at a moderate pace!), and that you have a laptop you can bring to the typing events to type on. Volunteers are CURRENTLY unable to do the typing in their own homes, although an online system is currently being developed to overcome this.

Excited to help the visually impaired? So are we! Watch the Events Listings page to join our next event.

Books for the Blind

Books for the Blind
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