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Aid in Motion - Clothing Collections for the Less Fortunate

Aid in Motion, in partnership with the Dubai Charity Association and Aramex, aims at collecting unwanted clothing in Dubai and redistributing the collections in less advantaged areas of the city, primarily labour camps.

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The way Aid in Motion works is simple

We have a fabulous group of volunteers known as "Area Collection Representatives", who are dotted around the city and who will arrange to meet you somewhere mutually convenient to collect your clothing donation. The ACRs are then responsible for counting the items, separating them into categories and putting them into transportable bags.

At present, Aid in Motion only works as a disaster relief campaign. Due to lack of storage space and management personnel, it is currently not possible to collect donations and store them throughout the year. Like us on Facebook to hear about Aid in Motion projects when they are announced!

Clothing for the less fortunate

Clothing for the less fortunate

Aid in Motion's History and Evolution:

Aid in Motion was actually Volunteer in UAE's first ever project and was launched in response to the 2008 Kenyan post-election violence. Its aim was to collect as much unwanted clothing as possible and send to the families in Kenya who had lost all their belongings in the disruption. Over a period of 4 months, a staggering 180,000 kilos of clothing was collected and sent to Mombassa. Once the first few containers arrived in Kenya, Aid in Motion representatives flew out to distribute the clothing and to ensure it arrived to the people that it was intended for.

Unfortunately the last two containers were never released by the Kenyan Port Authorities, and reasons were never given. Aid in Motion representatives spent well over 18 months battling to have the containers and their contents released but never got anywhere and even with the support of the UAE press, the Kenyan government weren't the least bit interested. Eventually we had no option but to accept defeat as the reality was that the contents would have long since deteriorated and would be unuseable anyway, and we needed to direct our energies into the UAE-based operation that was going well and needed attention.

Aid in Motion then continued on to collect clothing and dispatched 12 tonnes to Pakistan after the 2009 earthquake, and 18 tonnes to the Phillipines, when they suffered at the hands of Typhoon Ondoy.

Unfortunately however, due to a lack of logistical resources we were unable to continue collecting all the clothing that was continously offered for donation. Further to that, new regulations were introduced in the UAE that did not permit second-hand clothing to be donated internationally, and therefore the whole concept of collecting clothing and sending it out to disaster affected areas became redundant.

Aid in Motion currently only acts as a disaster response project, functioning only in times of crisis.

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