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Welcome to our Membership page!! Here is where you can sign up to become not just a member of Volunteer in UAE, but to become a part of our evergrowing family! Please read the details below on how to go about it. Please note that once you sign up for your first event and get confirmed you will then be sent information regarding the memebrship programme!

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Volunteering your time to assist any good cause is the most rewarding way to give back to society. Charities and non-profit organizations rely on volunteers to keep overheads at a minimum, thus ensuring that every penny possible goes to the cause itself, as opposed to being lost in other functional costs. After you register to be a member and successfully subscribe and get confirmed for your first event, you will receive an email with all the details of our membership programme!

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Step 1


Choose your membership type. Prefer a regular membership, or a gold membership which contains an awesome VolunteerinUAE shirt!

Step 2


After choosing and completing your membership application, you can register in a few minutes on this website. Fillout the form and we will review your account be activation.

Step 3


Once approved you can enjoy our awesome community, send messages, subscribe to events and way more! Have fun!

Membership types

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All advantages

  • Volunteering is a FREE way to do good for others; and regardless of whether you volunteer for 1 hour or 100, you can rest assured that the donation of your time has had a direct benefit on the organisation or cause.
  • In addition to the incredible sense of achievement that the act of volunteering provides, it also allows you to explore new opportunities and broaden your horizons by providing a plethora of new experiences. By giving a full picture of your commitment and dedication to your life outside work and the society you live in, it simultaneously enhances your professional and personal profile and can boost your employability.
  • Volunteering also gives you an opportunity to meet new people and engage in the local community. It brings together individuals from many different countries and walks of life to unite for a single cause.
  • Often volunteering will also give you the opportunity to learn or develop a new skill. If not done consciously for a specific skill, like sign language, it also builds on abilities such as interpersonal skills, teamwork and leadership.
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