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FAQs for Volunteers

We have no doubt that many of you will have questions for us, and we certainly hope we have been able to cover most of them here in our FAQ section. Please do have a read through, and should we have missed anything, you can use our Contact Us page to get in touch where one of our volunteer team will be happy to help you!

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Are volunteers remunerated?

No, Volunteers offer their time free of charge to support a good cause.  

Who can volunteer?

Anyone who is committed to the cause and brings positive energy and spirit to help.

How do I register as a volunteer?

To become a volunteer, first of all you must pay the yearly membership fee online. Then you will receive a unique code that you will require when filling in the application. You will need to upload your passport copy and photographs, so we have the ability to confirm your name and age, and to identify you at events.

Why do you ask about my skills in the volunteer registration form?

Despite the fact that Volunteer in UAE is an organization run with volunteers, we still incur large operational costs every year, from office space and trade licences, to the supply of materials we need at events. Sadly, we are not permitted to register as a charity under current regulations and therefore we cannot fundraise. Without this membership fee, it would be impossible to continue in operation, and helping those who need us.

Why do you ask about my skills in the volunteer registration form?

With regards to skills, for example, if we need a photographer, the last thing we want to do is flood your inbox if you’re not a photographer and therefore unable to help. We therefore search for people with specific skills when required, and contact only them.

How do I find out about events and register for them?

Once you register as a member, you can visit our Events page where we upload all our volunteering opportunities. When you see an event that you can commit to, click on the subscribe button and we will contact you shortly after that!

How will I know if I am confirmed for the event?

When you subscribe to an event, you will receive an email (in your Volunteer in UAE inbox) assuring you that we have received your request to participate. Shortly after, you will receive an email confirming if your help is in fact needed. Please remember it takes us a little bit of time to process requests, depending on the size of the event and number of applicants. We will always do our best to respond to you as quickly as possible. 

How will I know exactly what I will be doing as a volunteer?

Volunteering differs from event to event. Not to worry! Before each event, you will receive a final confirmation with full details of what you need to do on the day, where to go, and who to contact. 

I would like to attend all your events, can I be automatically accepted for all your events?

Whilst we love how dedicated and passionate our volunteers are about giving back to the community, we have to be fair to everyone. Each volunteer has the same chance of being confirmed for a spot in all our events, and we accept eligible people on a first come-first serve basis for all events!

What if in between subscribing and the confirmation, I have changed my mind or can no longer help out?

No worries. Just go to the website and if the event is still open subscription you can unsubscribe and if it is closed you can post your spot on the swap wall. Please note that if you post your spot on the swap wall and it is not picked up by anyone, you are still responsible for the shift.

Am I punished for a cancellation?

No, of course not! We understand that things can come up.  However, cancellations are recorded so that we are aware that it is happening and we can watch out for long-term activity trends. 

What if I forget and don’t show up?

We'll to be honest with you, this isn’t a great situation and as fun and lighthearted as we want to make the volunteering experience for you, we take "absents" seriously.  We understand there can be genuine reasons, however it is something that we need to monitor. It is most crucial when it comes to events concerning children with special needs, for example our Funday Sunday Program. If we do not have enough volunteers to watch over the children then the children’s safety is at risk, something we are not prepared to compromise; Ever.  If you are marked absent for an event your reliability rating will decrease and those with a low reliability ratings last to be confirmed at the end if spaces still remain.

Are there any age restrictions?

Not really, though some events may have age requirements to ensure the safety of the volunteers and the other people involved (such as special needs children). Generally, children under 16 must come accompanied by an adult guardian and volunteers aged 16 to 18 years old must have permission from their parents.

Do we get certificates for volunteering?

You can generate your own certificate through these steps. Go to your profilepage. Scroll to the attended event in question. Here you can see the print button. Click the button and you are ready to go!

Can I see your past events?

Yes! If you go to our events page, there is an archive you can look at.

Do you reward your volunteers in any way?

We don’t like to provide incentives, as ideally we would like to believe that volunteers donate their time for the cause and nothing more. However, as a gesture of thanks we do find our little ways to show appreciation to volunteers who go the extra mile. Every month we will have a Volunteer of the Month nomination for those who showed outstanding effort at any event. You will also get some thank you’s here and there every time you increase your tier, from neutral to bronze, bronze to silver and so on. You’ll have to wait and see whats in store when the time comes! Then of course is our prestigious Volunteer of the Year Awards where volunteers who have contributed the most hours are recognized. 

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