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We have no doubt that many of you will have questions for us, and we certainly hope we have been able to cover most of them here in our FAQ section. Please do have a read through, and should we have missed anything, you can use our Contact Us page to get in touch where one of our volunteer team will be happy to help you!

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I work for a charity or non-profit organization. How exactly can you help us?

We essentially provide a free of charge volunteer management service. We handle everything from volunteer recruitment to volunteer coordination during your event/campaign. We ensure that the right number of volunteers arrive at the right time and know what they’re supposed to do. Volunteers are a powerful tool in contributing to the success of your event/campaign, and by enlisting us to handle this for you, we save you the headache and allow you to focus on other, more pressing concerns.

Sounds great! How do I enlist your support?

Simply contact us at info@volunteerinuae.com and we would be more than happy to discuss ways in which we can help you. Don’t forget to provide us with as many details as possible such as the date and time of your event, your volunteer needs, and any special requirements.  The more we know, the better we can help you. We ask you to keep in mind that it takes time to recruit and enlist volunteers. So the earlier you contact us, the better.

Are there any costs involved for our organization to enlist your help?

No. We provide all of our services absolutely free to charities and non-profits!

If I am an individual or group organizing a fundraiser or campaign on behalf of a charity/cause, can I still enlist your help?

Most definitely. We are here to support ANY worthy cause. As long as your event is respectful and in accordance with all UAE regulations, we would be more than happy to help. Our volunteers trust us and we pride ourselves in remaining reputable, so all that we ask is that you are transparent with your objectives, funds raised, accountability of donated items etc. It only helps us help you! :)

Our volunteer needs are very specific – can you still help us?

Absolutely. Contact us to find out! Our volunteer database allows us to select volunteers based on criteria such as languages, age, and experience - so we may just be able to help narrow your search. Need an English document translated into Indonesian? Need a teacher with experience with special needs children? Look no further!

Which charitable events have you supported in the past?

Our volunteers have helped support many different events affiliated with several different charities. You may even have seen us, most likely with a big smile or helping hand. Visit our “Affiliations” or “Events” pages to see a detailed list of our existing relationships and past events.

Do you only provide volunteers or can you assist us in other ways as well?

We’d love to help any way we can. Our experienced team can also assist with other elements of your event or campaign by providing strategic planning advice, assessing your volunteer needs, and helping connect you with the right people. We love a challenge, so even if you need something we don’t ordinarily do, we’ll do our best to help you out. 

You are doing wonderful work. How can we help you and return the favour for all the free support you provide?

Thanks for asking! We help you because we care. All we ask is that you help us fulfill our mission to support any good cause by spreading the word about our services. If you’d like, you can thank us in the form of a testimonial, a mention in a press release, or organizing a thank you for the most important people of all, our volunteers.

We are looking to have one or more volunteers work with us regularly. Do we still need to go through Volunteer in Dubai every time?

We are more than happy to help connect your organization with passionate volunteers. All that we ask is that you keep us in the loop and track the volunteers’ hours on a regular basis. The reason we ask this is simple. We run a volunteer recognition scheme that provides rewards and certificates to volunteers for their total hours worked. Our volunteers work very hard expecting nothing in return, and we want to be fair and make sure they don’t lose out in any way. 

We are looking for a qualified candidate for an internship or job posting.  Can you help?

Absolutely. We have a ‘Job Board’ section dedicated exclusively to this, just so that we can help charities and non-profits like you find the right person for the job.

Are we required to use Volunteer in UAE for all of our events/campaigns?

While we are more than happy to help you for just one or a few events, we encourage you to consider using us on an ongoing basis for all of your volunteer needs. The better we know your organization, the better we can match you with a passionate pool of regular volunteers. Familiarity with your organization’s work also builds loyalty with both us and with our volunteers. 

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