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FAQ's for Corporates

We have no doubt that many of you will have questions for us, and we certainly hope we have been able to cover most of them here in our FAQ section. Please do have a read through, and should we have missed anything, you can use our Contact Us page to get in touch where one of our volunteer team will be happy to help you!

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How can Volunteer in UAE help our company?

We can give you independent impartial advice on charities that really need your support, and how to go about it within the framework of the UAE regulations. 

Can we register on Volunteer in UAE as a company so we can keep an eye out for events we might want to send volunteers to?

There are only two options here. The first is that your staff sign up as individuals to our website and watch out for event listings. The second is for your company to sponsor corporate memberships for your staff so that you can volunteer as a group. 

As part of our company mandate, our staff are required or recommended to do a certain amount of community service hours. How can you help us with this?

Registering with us allows you to receive timely information about charitable events that need volunteer support. It’s volunteering made easy!

Firstly you will need to sponsor a corporate membership package for your staff. We track our volunteer members' activity and their total hours, we can even provide you with the total number of hours of all your employees, or track any data you require for that matter!

Are there any charges for your services?

Sadly, nothing in life is free :(

What if we have already created our event and have everything planned but need volunteers on the day?

So long as the event is charitable in some way, or supports a worthy humanitarian cause, we can send volunteers to support you. If it not charitable in anyway, but you need manpower for an event, we will simply ask you to make donation to a local good cause in exchange for our help!

What is it you can do for us in that instance?

We can coordinate all your manpower on the day, even groups several hundred strong. If you need 350 people at 7 am on a Friday morning, we will find them for you, and make sure they are there. Our team handles confirming the volunteers, providing them with all the necessary event information, and even sends reminders to minimize cancellations. In fact, should people drop out, we even have a list of reserve volunteers (we think of everything). 

So do you just send down volunteers, or can you help us manage them when they arrive, briefing them and organizing them?

We will be involved and help you to whatever degree you need. A member of our Volunteer Management Team (VTM) will always be present to conduct a register, but we can also assign you volunteer coordinator(s) to help manage the event. The coordinators can help by holding briefing sessions with volunteers before the event so they know exactly what their responsibilities are and what to do once they arrive on the day. This system works very well for larger events, and we have successfully executed it several times.

Do you insist on wearing your own t-shirts?

We now have our own uniform and are proud of it!! So, in most cases we will wear our own. However if there are special requirements for this, it can of course be discussed.

Our company is planning a fundraiser or charitable donation, but we are not sure which cause or charity to support.

We would be more than happy to recommend local charities or non-profit organizations that could benefit from your help. 

Can you help us create ideas for fundraisers, awareness campaigns or humanitarian activities?

Of course we can, and why wouldn't we? Getting creative is the part that’s most fun!

Can you execute the event?

We would be delighted to, your call.

What if our event isn’t charitable and purely commercial, like a concert for example, or a promotion of some kind?

Dependant on the event or promotion, we would be willing to discuss ways in which to collaborate. For example, we could send volunteers, in exchange for a donation (to be negotiated) made to a charity of our and the volunteers’ choice. You save money, the volunteers feel they have accomplished something for a cause close to their hearts and of course the charity benefits. Everyone's a winner! :)

Which charitable events have you supported in the past?

Our volunteers have helped support many different events affiliated with several different charities. You may even have seen us, most likely with a big smile or helping hand. 

It sounds like you are doing wonderful work in the community. How can we help you in return?

Contact us at  info@volunteerindubai.com and we would be more than happy to discuss ways in which you can sponsor or support us. Any support you can provide will only help us take on more projects, serve more charities, and provide more volunteering opportunities!

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