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Have a look to see how volunteers have enjoyed their time with us so far and what they like most about it. You can also see how the different charities we have supported have appreciated your great efforts and working with Volunteer in UAE!

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"Being a part of Volunteer in UAE is, without a doubt, the best part of my life. Their is a lot of passion, dedication & commitment that goes into each & every event from all the volunteers. I have never regretted the countless hours that i have spent with VIU, simple because the satisfaction, gratefulness & pure joy that is received from the sponsors, organizations & especially the children is all the reward needed. Proud to be a part of this amazing family." - Mouna Al Kabt

"I had seen poverty and sadness before, but there was one day that made me realize i wanted to- and had to- do something, to make a difference, even if it's  only a tiny one. It was the day i stoped my car next to a bus full of labourers and looked into their exhausted and sad eyes- with the amazing skyline of dubai in the background- that they had built!!! I thought: what a crazy world! I now realized how fortunate I was. Was it just because of luck, coincidence, or because i was born in a place that offered me so many opportunities?

I feel obliged to help others less- fotunate, and volunteer in UAE gives us a chance to help!

Volunteer in UAE offers so many different events to participate in. Whether you care about the environment, the labourers, the special needs kids, the shelter puppies or raising money to help people who can not afford to pay their medical bills.

My best expierience was working with special needs kids. I always knew i liked working with animals, however working with people, and  kids in particular, was something I was a little nervous about. Honestly speaking; i had no idea if the kids would even like me. But the smiles, hugs and laughter of those adorable kids were the most heart warming moments for me. 

The events are well organized, fun and exciting. I have met a bunch of amazing people, who care so much for others. I have met people from all around the globe and have made some great friends." - Camilla Glanzmann

"My name is Kamran Ahmed and I’m an instructor of business management. I was privileged to find Volunteer in UAE and got a chance to give back to the community in a meaningful way. I was given an opportunity to be involved with special need children, building blood bank, taking care of animals at Sharjah Cats And Dogs Shelter, various events for the cause of breast cancer like pink book sale and pink is punk, going out in a hot weather at noon and passing the glass to the labor working on different construction sites and for so many various charitable causes.

There is absolutely nothing great as volunteering with VIUAE. I was touched with warm hearts and kindness and I also found so many likeminded people who are so keen to serve humanity with best of their abilities.
I highly recommend you to get involved with this excellent community. This experience will mold you for the rest of your life, and will touch the heart of your hearts beyond your imagination." - Kamran Ahmed

“ It all started when one of my friends invited me to attend a “volunteer” event and for me it was something new, so I went for it. At that day, it was really impressive because it was my first time to be surrounded by many people from different backgrounds, cultures & nationalities all gathering for one purpose, we talk and work together like we know each other for a long time(although some of us just met today)!
As I started to attend more events, I started to feel really happy because that feeling of satisfaction that you feel after every event you attend is the most wonderful feeling that you might ever have because there is absolutely nothing better than to helping the community with your time & effort especially when it comes to a good cause. Also, you will get the opportunity to make new friends and meet very nice people like … you know what? Why don’t you come and meet them by yourself! :P  “ - Rami Abu Ammuna

"I have been a volunteer with VIUAE for the past 3 years and it was one of the best decisions I had ever made. Not only due to the good causes we support and the difference we make in people’s life but also you meet like-minded people who wish to make the world a better place. It’s a life changing experience, which I recommend to anyone who wish to have a better life." - Sawsan Emam

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