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About Volunteer in UAE

Volunteer in UAE was founded in mid-2008 with the purpose of bringing together any charity, organization or cause with residents that are eager to volunteer their time and give back to the community. Below you can find a little bit about how we work with volunteers, charities, and businesses to make this easy and beneficial for everyone.  

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Our mission

Act as a bridge between any individual, charity or organisation in need of volunteer support and residents in the community who are willing to provide it.

  • Ensure that all its volunteers & benefactors are valued and treated with dignity and respect, and that their donations are justified and accountable
  • Do its best to provide the best support possible to those in need and keep its word in delivering everything that they are promised, with passion and enthusiasm
  • Ensure full transparency & honesty within VIU and its volunteers as well as between VIU and its stakeholders
  • Encourage social interaction between volunteers to build a friendly environment where active volunteering takes place


Volunteer in UAE is here to connect you with the charities and non-profit organizations that need you the most. We know first hand that despite good intentions and a strong desire to volunteer, it’s not always easy to find the opportunities. We are here to make giving back as easy as possible for you. We work with several charities to support a variety of different causes and events in your city. So by signing up with us, you get instant information about diverse ways in which you can volunteer, be it through donating a few hours of your time or through a specific skill you have to offer. We value your time and effort and we ensure that the organizations we work with do as well. We are here to represent your interests at all times and help you get the most out of the volunteering experience. We want to help you, help others. 

For a better understanding of how you can get involved, please visit our Volunteer FAQ Section


Volunteer in UAE can help your business achieve its goal and desire to be socially responsible. We know that you are often looking for ways to support your community and contribute positively to its sustainable growth. There are many ways in which we can help you, depending on how you want to get involved. We urge you to encourage your staff to volunteer, and we help by providing the right opportunities. We are here to support any fundraiser or charitable event you wish to organize, and we also direct you to the organizations that need you the most. We like to champion smaller organizations, who perhaps don’t get as much funding as those who are more visible and well known. The only thing we don’t do is encourage the donation of direct funds. We prefer to promote the execution of charity ‘wish lists’, which allow you to allocate your funds directly to specific items the organization needs, and we ensure that your donation is used in the way it was intended. 
For a better understanding of how it all works, please visit our Businesses FAQ Section.


Volunteer in UAE is here to help you save money by using the resources and skills that our great community has to offer, by connecting you to committed volunteers. We know that as a non-profit, you depend on your volunteers, and we are here to help recruit, engage and manage them for you. Our experienced team can also help you strategically plan your fundraiser or campaign to be successful and effective, by reaching as many people as possible. We can also connect you to companies that can support you. The only thing we don’t do is encourage the donation of direct funds. We prefer that you tell us what specific needs you have, and we manage your ‘wish list.’ We always strive to connect you to the right person, no matter how big or small your request.  

For a better understanding of how we can support you, please visit our Charity FAQ Section.

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